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I feel like I’m in the dating world: How much should I chase after follow-ups?


Imagine this: 9th grade Anita.  Hurrying home from high school and racing to my Amma’s bedroom across from mine where there was an off-white corded phone on her nightstand.  Plopping down.  Waiting.  And waiting.  Day after day as the school’s Sadie Hawkins dance approached.  I had asked the boy.  He had smiled.  There was no response…yet.  (more on this story later in the post)

Folks, I need a rule … Read more

I Calendar Block Nearly Every Minute of My Day…and I Meet My Targets

A Sunday Hyper-Calendar Example

Why I Started Hyper-Calendaring

The most precious individual resources we have are time and health.  While much of health is genetic and/or hereditary as well as environmental, the rest of it is entirely dependent upon what we do with our time.  I was hit upside the head with this when I had my health challenges last year.  The only actionable thing I could do per my doctors was to exercise … Read more

Why Lenders Love to Work with Me

Organization engenders trust

Here’s a confession: I think organized people are more trustworthy.  I hate wasting time (fully acknowledging what “wasting” is varies person to person).  I take pride in being efficient.  I even said to my husband once that “being organized” means being able to locate something in 60 seconds or less.  (Maybe I even said 30 seconds…?)

I think being organized is a choice.  It represents personal values.  One can be … Read more

Anita Book II: The First Chapter is Written

At 5:28 am on Thursday June 6th, 2024, I finally did it.  I finally finished something I started.  It may have taken me 4+ years, but I did it.  And I did it in a way that I am confident will stick.

In 2020, which for me is far more marked by the sudden loss of my mother that January from a suspected heart attack than the Coronavirus pandemic, I … Read more