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How I Vetted and Hired our Property Manager, and the importance of Managing Your Property Manager

Increase your NOI and Free Time with a good property manager No construction experience?

For a newbie real estate investor, articles abound regarding managing your properties yourself.  The discussion topics range from how to choose a good one, the importance of having one, balancing time over costs, not being penny wise pound foolish, what to do if you live in a different location, and so on.

On the one hand, I’m a woman of color with more MacGyver-like skills than construction … Read more

Why Lenders Love to Work with Me

Organization engenders trust

Here’s a confession: I think organized people are more trustworthy.  I hate wasting time (fully acknowledging what “wasting” is varies person to person).  I take pride in being efficient.  I even said to my husband once that “being organized” means being able to locate something in 60 seconds or less.  (Maybe I even said 30 seconds…?)

I think being organized is a choice.  It represents personal values.  One can be … Read more