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Analytics Agency Management: There is no “you” or “your”

I remember when I was reviewing the first work product of one of my first Analysts at Sepiida, I had her correct all the “you” and “your” (e.g. “your site”) to “we” or “the site”.  It seemed small, and we didn’t talk much about it.  But when I found I had to do it again with her, and also with another team member, it struck me as an opportunity … Read more

Internal vs. External Metrics: Why what data you show your board doesn’t help you manage your business

Metrics, Analytics, Data – it’s the backbone of any tech company these days.  We don’t debate anymore about the importance of defining, measuring, and optimizing metrics.  I know this because of the warm reception I get when people find out I’m a data nut.  🙂


I love all the questions that I feel are solvable – “how do I know we have enough data to rely upon”?  What should … Read more

How to fish data and analytics

For some time now, I’ve been meaning to start this blog.  I’ve held off for a long time because I’m hesitant to be taken authoritatively.  I do a lot of speaking engagements, and one thing I find is that the audience often wants me to provide answers.  To provide solutions to problems they are dealing with.  I have a problem with that…being someone who is so data-driven, so numbers oriented, … Read more